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What is a Moist Wound Healing

This is the name given to the process of controlling the wound environment using some of the wound's moisture for better healing. All body cells must have moisture to function effectively. Cells involved in wound healing function faster and more efficiently in a moist wound environment.

Characteristic of "Moisture Healing"

Covering up a wound with a moist wound healing dressing provides an optimal wound climate which will allow the wound to be bathed in wound fluid so that it does not dry out and form a scab. The wound fluid provides nutrients and growth factors to assist with healing, and has white blood cells present to help prevent infection.
For a wound to form new skin tissue, new cells need to form. Cell growth thrives in moist conditions.
Maintaining the best environment for healing using appropriate wound dressings, supprots the natural wound healing process, allowing the skin to renew itself.

Wound Healing Illustration

Benefit of "Moisture Healing"

Allowing wounds to heal in a moist environment has many benefits. Advantages include:

1. Promote faster wound healing

  • Clinical studies prove that the wound healing process is faster in a moist wound enivronment
  • In a moist wound environment, growth factors and nutrients remain available, new cells migrate unobstructed by a dry scab
  • A moist wound environment promotes collagen rich, blood vessel containing tissue formation

2. Prevent scar formation

In a moist environment, scabs are prevented which inhibit the formation of new tissue. If wounds heal without scabs and the wound healing process remains undisturbed, the likelihood of scarring is decreased.

3. Reduce wound pain

Nerves in the skin are bathed in the wound fluid which helps reduce pain

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3M Hydrocolloid Dressing

3M Hydrocolloid Bandages


  • Direction for use

    • Must observe the wound condition in the period of using hydrocolloid dressing. Under normal circumstances, the wound will gradually reduce the exudate, and the wound will be healed for about three days to two weeks. If it is not used right after the wound injury, it will prolong the healing time.
    • If the wound is not completely healed, please continue to use the product.
    • If the wound is not improved, please consult doctor immediately.
    • When the dressing turns white or exudate starts to leak, please remove and replace the dressing immediately. When peeling off, gently remove it from the edge of the dressing at a low angle.

  • Cautions

    • If the product packaging bag is damaged or opened before use, please stop using it.
    • Before use, please be sure to clean the wound and its surrounding skin to prevent bacterial infection.
    • Do not use ointments or lotions on wounds and surrounding skin before use.
    • If the application is applied, the dressing area can be cut according to the wound area. When covering the wound, it should be larger than 1~2CM above the edge of the wound. Put pressure gently to apply the dressing to the skin.
    • If there is blisters, please don't break it.
    • Do not reuse the product.
    • Allergies may happen to some users. If the wound or surrounding skin is red, swollen, hot, painful, allergic or uncomfortable, stop using it and seek medical advice.
    • When the packing of dressing is opened, please keep it clean to miminize the quality being affected.
    • For scabbed wounds, the hydrocolloid can also be used, but it takes longer to remove scab in the healing process.
    • For the wounds caused by burns, operation wounds, diabetics, patients with poor blood circulation, fragile skin and child under the age of two, please consult your doctor before usage.


    Country of Origin: Korea

    *1962 Winter’s landmark study finds “moist wounds epithelialized more rapidly than dry wounds.”

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