• We’ve developed a complete line of products using our unique Sensitive Skin Technology that are easily removed and are even repositionable. The difference isn’t in what you’ll feel, it’s what you won’t. Try our eye patch and see for yourself.

1: Pain-Free Removal

  • Our unique adhesive holds securely yet provides pain-free removal of the dressing. Acting like a shock absorber, the adhesive minimizes the pull on even the most delicate of skin.

2: Thin Skin Protection

  • Some parts of the body have more sensitive skin. Like around the eyes. That's where skin is extremely thin. (Our sensitive skin eye patches are also awesome for pirate costumes!)

3: Reposition, Not Replace

  • The unique Sensitive Skin adhesive allows you to completely reposition the dressing. Great for a quick peek at your little ones' wounds without having to replace with a new dressing.

4: Through All Kinds of Weather

  • Water-resistant adhesive that stays on, rain or shine, or until you take it off.

5: Dread No More

  • Made specifically for the 40% of Americans who dread pulling off a bandage more than getting a shot. SOURCE: Survey conducted by Nexcare™ Brand, June 2015.

6: Strength Without Irritation

  • This unique adhesive won't irritate your skin, even if you have to repeatedly treat a wound for several days. It delivers constant adhesive strength for as long as it’s in place.