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Why do we get acne?

•  Imbalanced diet – having too much fried and oily food

•  Sleep deprivation – frequently burning the midnight oil

•  Anxiety – causes the body to produce a variety of hormones

•  Inappropriate skincare products – clogged pores due to accumulation of too many dead skin cells

What are the precautions?

  • •  Eat more fruit and vegetables

    •  Drink more water

    •  Get enough sleep

    •  Keep your skin clean

  • What to do with acne?

    Apply hydrocolloid acne covers to absorb secretion

    Promote healing of acne and reduce risks of scarring



    1. Clean and dry your skin and hands well.

    2. Peel an acne dressing off the lining film and apply it on the blemish. Press the edges of the cover gently for better adhesion.

    3. Replace the acne dressing with a new one when its colour turns white (indicating full absorption of secretion) .

    4. Recommend applying the acne dressing continuously before curing for they create a moist environment for faster and better healing.

      •  Keep unused acne covers in a cool and dry place.

      •  Apply the acne covers before wearing make-up.


    Users’ comments

    Jasmine: I used to worry about infection by wearing make-up on acne. Luckily, with the acne dressing, I can now apply make-up with total peace of mind!

    Yan-yan: I like to apply the acne covers before sleep, for they absorb secretion overnight. This product suits such a lazy person like me.

    Zoe: The acne covers contains no medication. People with sensitive skin can apply them safely without worries!

Nexcare™Acne Dressing series

Product Details:

•  Absorb secretion, protect from dirt and contaminants, and promotes healing of acne.

•  Compares with other brands, the absorption capacity is 4.5 times higher ^

•  Waterproof, Breathable, Comfort to use

•  Reduce infection by reducing the contacts of hands or other contaminants

•  No medication dressing reduces the chances of skin allergy

•  The product is safe and reliable for it is manufactured by factories with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification.

^ According to an independent laboratory report

“Invisible” means the hydrocolloid acne covers are transparent and can hardly be noticed when applying on skin.


1. Not recommend to be used simultaneously with other medication

2. If skin becomes red and swollen, or if burning, arching and other forms of irritation occur, cease using and seek medical advice at once

3. It is normal to find bubbles in the colloid

4. Keep out of reach of children

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